KSQ Magazine

It's is said that life has its moments. Many are brief, fading quickly from memory. Others stay with us and may even alter the course of our lives. At Karnataka Sangha we call these the unforgettable moments & times to remember and celebrate because they remain important. This magazine collects these moments. We hope you find them worth sharing. Take a look at our quarterly & annual magazines and learn what it is all about.

Take this pleasure in congratulating the association for its vibrancy and activeness in keeping with the objectives of the association.

Hence, this publication is a small gesture of offering our felicitations on all the joyous occasions celebrated.

We would want to uplift the spirit of volunteerism and are open to everybody's view, ideas and interesting articles which could be use full in the publication.

Adhering to our mandates and objectives, we shall continue to carry out the activities and maintain the spirit of the association.

May peace, harmony and happiness flourish in our globe.

Nam Nammalli- KSQ's inhouse Quarterely Bulletin