About KSQ

The natives of Karnataka state who are known as Kannadigas are peace loving, cordial and very very accommodative. They love & respect everyone , learn other languages and will easily mingle wherever they go & stay. This is the greatest strength of Kannadigas & is definitely a role model for the entrie world.

Since 1990'S , The Kannadigas who were already in large numbers in Qatar often used to meet in splinter groups for many occasions. But it never used to be all under one roof. This led to a serious thought among many senior Kannadigas in Qatar to float an association. There were many confabulations by like minded persons and a process had begun in earnest. It was right move by the right people. The Indian Cultural Association (ICC) Qatar had already other affiliated state associations and ready to share the details to form an association. It required a constitution for governance, management committee for execution of programmes and a feel at home for its members who are thousands of kms away from their home/country.

There were many rounds of meeting to finalize the frame work, the provisions of the constitution and also the scope & motto for the association. Many debated on the name to be given for the association. Whilst all this was happening among the veterans & enthusiasts across the table at Maharaja Restaurant, the news of an association formation had electrified the natives of Karnataka living in Qatar.

March 1999 : Finally the dream came true.! The Kannadigas who had eagerly waited for many years for formation of an association for themselves were ready to cherish the moment. All roads were leading to ICRC. (Indian Cultural Recreation Club). It was a festival look at the auditorium. Kannadigas in the traditional attire were thronging the hall. The Kids came along with their parents were so happy to see their peers and they were almost on a fantasy world. There were warm greetings exchanges in Kannada. Many were surprised at the large crowd and felt that the association could have been formed much earlier. It was totally a Kannada outfit launching ceremony.

A Socio- Cultural organization named as Karnataka Sangha, Qatar finally came into existence amidst the elite & loving crowd and became a new viable platform for Kannadigas.

Since then, KSQ has an impeccable record among the Indian associations in Qatar. KSQ's performance in the charity & social works, cultural programmes are applauded by the whole Indian community of Qatar.

KSQ is wedded to spread the culture & heritage of Karnataka and excel in its activities. KSQ has a great vision for future which will benefit the natives of Karnataka in Qatar . KSQ is fortunate to have its many founder members still at service in Qatar as a guiding force to reach further heights.

KSQ is highly indebted to Qatar for realizing the dreams which is also a home away from home.

We sincerely request and urge you to show your support by becoming members and contribute in any way you can, in this endeavor. You can access the member enrollment application page by clicking on the following link:
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Objectives of KSQ

  • To bring all people of Karnataka under one common platform.
  • Promote and bring awareness of Kannada language.
  • Conduct programmes to educate children about rich culture and heritage of Karnataka.
  • To promote folk ,music , art and traditional games of our state.
  • To encourage artists from various parts of Karnataka.
  • To support all the activities of Indian Embassy, ICC,ICBF.
  • To respect Qatari Culture and it’s Legal and Statutory requirements.
  • To keep KSQ flag flying high.